...professionals at your service

With an experience of 43 years, we provide a rigorous and private investigation service that enables to satisfy our most demanding clients.

Our field of expertise covers complex leading edge enquiries and research for evidence in commercial terms.

We also investigate for particulars, notably in family matters.

Relying on a network of professionals, our agency carries out its activities in Switzerland as well as abroad.

We have connections in many areas, in Switzerland as well as internationally, which are essential to the closure of some investigations. Certainly we work with a total availability 24hrs per day, seven days a week.

... a recognised experience

We can carry out long periods of surveillance and stalking, or even travel abroad within a few hours to many places in the world without at first having to present long and tedious authorisation requests.

We carry out hearings according to a proven method. These hearings, for which we take minutes, are taken into account as part of a procedure.

At the end of our missions we write a precise and detailed report relative to our investigations and findings, attaching the necessary or useful pieces to its confirmation (audio tape, video, photos and miscellaneous documents).

The result of our investigations can be used to back up a procedure in a civil or penal court of law.

We are regularly lead up to testify with our findings in a court of law or with a competent authority.

...various investigations

We are particularly active in the following fields : commercial and financial investigations, various frauds, fraudulent bankruptcy, disloyal competition, industrial & economic counter intelligence, counterfeit-forgery, goods and people disappearing, morality investigation, harassment, adultery, drugs etc.

We also perform our activities in the field of prevention, notably with the installation of various audio, video surveillance systems or monitoring and location systems.

We are specialized in infiltration in companies and groups of people for investigations requiring an enquiry "with a sleeper".

... state of the art technology

We work with particularly competitive and sensitive investigation material in the following areas: video, photography, audio, car or merchandise or people tracking system, as well as generally surveillance systems and particularly night vision systems.

For confidentiality and discretion reasons, this material belongs fully to our agency. We do not depend on specialized companies in the subject, such as surveillance centrals or database agency; this contributes to our efficiency and to the discretion given to our clients.

Because of the kind technical means we use, information on their nature and application will only be given to individuals submitting a case or assignment and following a preliminary study of the latter.


We do not give quotes over the phone nor by mail, but following an interview with our clients to discuss the case, we carry out a preliminary case study in order to establish an estimate of costs generated by our investigations, but also to judge the feasibility of the enquiry as well as its positive outcome.

We apply hourly rate, however according to the nature of the case, the duration or the location in which it takes place, daily rate can be negotiated.

Private detective since 1981

CII Member
Council of International Investigator